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0. jgl37's Homepage - this page. A pointless link included for completeness.
1. The Insult Generator - an attempt at an amusing, inclusive, random insult generator. Feedback welcomed. Contains 'strong language'.
2. The Privilege Generator - randomly generates a set of privileges, based on UK statistics. Again, feedback welcomed. This one doesn't contain naughty words.
3. Deed Poll Template - a template for legally changing one's name - for free - in the UK. Instructions and disclaimer are here.
4. X & J's Chippy Vegan - a short (12 sides of A5) cook booklet in zine form.
5. NB HTML - an introduction to HTML editing for those forgotten by the gender binary.
6. Correspondence - a selection of email correspondences I've had with various organisations.
7. "twitannounce" - an announcement I made on Twitter, put here because it's too long for a tweet.

For all pages, source code and other information is available on request.

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